Bring Ronaldo Home – Crowd Funding Campaign

Manchester, UK (PRWEB) May 23, 2013

There has been much media speculation about potential comings and goings at Manchester United fuelled by the sudden resignation of Sir Alex Ferguson.


Will Cristiano Ronaldo stay at Real Madrid? Will he go to PSG? Will he return to Old Trafford?


Before he resigned, Sir Alex Ferguson had said hed like to have Ronaldo back. Ronaldo has stated he wants to return.


Now, a small group of enthusiastic football supporters has developed an innovative viral campaign that would allow Manchester United fans around the world have their say.


A spokesperson for said: We have been inspired by the loyalty and dedication of Manchester United fans. To be a ‘true’ fan requires the ‘living’ experience of football. It is not about being a mere spectator; it is about being a participant. We wanted to give fans an opportunity to be involved.


The Internet is now a significant resource in the world of football. Fans spend increasing amounts of their time on football websites accessing up-to-the-minute information about events specific to their team and discussing issues on blogs.


What we have done is develop a construct, based on crowd funding principles, which will tap into this incredible global fan support that Manchester United has – to help deliver the goods to give the fans an opportunity for their voice to deliver an action.


Our goal is to bring Manchester United fans together behind one outcome: Cristiano Ronaldo returning back to Old Trafford.


It has been a time-constrained programme: the inspiration for this idea, to use crowd-funding model to unite fans behind the goal was just a few weeks ago.


We recognised that we only had a short window of opportunity the transfer season: which traditionally starts after the football season has ended and finishes at the end of August.


We commenced a soft launch last week, where Fans were invited, via Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, to visit the central website, where they were invited to make a

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